Free Metatrader (MT4) Indicators and Expert Advisors

In this section you will find many Metatrader (aka MT4) trading indicators and expert advisors. These are great tools to use with the free Metatrader charts you can get at or any of the brokerages that supply their own metatrader charts for their trading platforms, such as InterbankFX.

If you're only demo trading at this point and want to play around with these MT4 trading indicators or expert advisors, just go to theMetaQuotes website and download the free Metatrader 4 Client Terminal platform. Then you can simply add these MT4 trading indicators and expert advisors to your charts, try different settings and go crazy.

You should drop by here often because I'll be adding many more MT4 trading indicators and expert advisors each week. These are great tools for every trader to add to their toolbox and you will surely find ones you like and feel comfortable trading with.

HOW TO USE THESE - Simply right-click the indicators/expert advisors you want, choose "Save Link As" option and save the file to your computer. Copy these to the "experts" directory for your Metatrader installation and the next time you open your charts, you will see these new indicators or expert advisors. Just choose them from your menus or click and drag the expert advisors to the charts you want to use them for. Don't forget to click the Expert Advisors (EA) box at the top of your charts to activate or deactivate the EAs. You should see little smiley faces in the upper right-hand side of the charts you applied the EA to. If you see a sad face, then you did something wrong. Make sure whenever you add EAs to your charts, to click the "Common" tab and check on the "Allow Live Trading" and "Allow DLL imports" boxes.

Note: One of the caveats to many of the free EAs and Indicators is that they won't have much, or any, documentation so you'll have to play around and test them yourself to see how they work and the best way to use them. You can find complete trading systems that include the EAs, indicators, docs and trading examples. We profile a couple of them on our MetaTrader MT4 Forex Trading Systems page but you can find them all over the web if you search for them.

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